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STAAD.Pro is a widely used software application in the field of civil engineering and structural analysis. It’s specifically designed for the analysis and design of various structures, such as buildings, bridges, dams, towers, and more.

STAAD.Pro is a comprehensive and powerful structural analysis and design software developed for civil engineers and structural analysts. Its primary purpose is to assist in the modeling, analysis, and optimization of complex structures, ensuring their safety, stability, and compliance with design codes and standards. STAAD.

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  1. From Fundamentals to Advanced: SKYSYS Engineering cover AutoCAD from the ground up, starting with the basics and gradually progressing to advanced topics. No matter your current skill level, you’ll find value in this course.

  2. Hands-On Experience: SKYSYS Engineering believe in learning by doing. Throughout the course, you’ll work on hands-on projects and exercises to reinforce your understanding of React.js concepts. Expect to build real-world applications.

  3. Interactive Learning: SKYSYS Engineering training sessions are highly interactive, allowing you to engage with instructors and fellow students. You’ll have opportunities to ask questions, seek clarification, and collaborate on projects.

  4. Project Portfolio: By the end of the course, you’ll have a portfolio of React.js projects to showcase to potential employers. These projects will demonstrate your expertise and problem-solving abilities.

  5. Flexibility: SKYSYS Engineering understand that life can be busy, so we offer flexible training options. Choose from in-person classes, live online sessions, or self-paced modules to fit your schedule and learning style.

  6. Small Class Sizes: SKYSYS Engineering maintain small class sizes to provide personalized attention to each student. This fosters a supportive learning environment where your questions are always welcome.
  7. Career Guidance: We’re not just focused on teaching; we’re invested in your success. Our career guidance and job placement assistance help you transition into a rewarding career in design or engineering.

Staad Pro Course Content

Staad Pro

DAY : 1

Overview of Structural Analysis andDesign
 Introduction STAAD.ProV8i
 Staad Pro Workspace
 Staad Pro Interface
A. Menu bar
B. Toolbar
C. Mode Bar
D. Page Control
E. Datasheet

DAY : 2

 Co-ordinate Systems
o Global Co-ordinate
o Local Co-ordinate
 Units
o Input Unit
o Graphical Display Unit
 Dimensions

DAY : 3

 Labels
o Node Labels
o Beam Labels
o Supports Labels
 Tools
o Rotation Tools
o Zoom Tools
o View Tools

DAY : 4

Geometry creation Methods
o Snap /Grid Method
o A. Linear Grid
o B. Radial Grid
o Copy Cut Method

DAY : 5

Geometry creation Methods
o Run Structure Wizard
o Co-ordinate Method
DXF Method/ Import CAD Models

DAY : 6

 Insert Node
o For a Single Member
o For Multiple Members
 Add Beam
o Point to Point
o Between Midpoints
o Perpendicular Intersection

DAY : 7

 Model Editing Tools
o Translational Repeat
o Circular Repeat

DAY : 8

 Model Editing Tools
o Move
o Mirror
o Rotate
o Copy

DAY : 9

 Model Editing Tools
o Connect Beams Along
o Stretch Selected Members
o Intersect Selected Members
o Create Collinear Bea

DAY : 10

 Model Editing Tools
o Merge Selected Members
o Renumber
o Split Beam
Break Beams at Selected Nodes

DAY : 11

 Section Properties
o Circular
o Tee
o Trapezoidal
o Tapered
 Section Database
 Assignment Method
 User table
Beta Angle

DAY : 12

 Structure Diagrams
o Full Section
o Section Outlines
 Cut Sections/Plane
o Range By Joint
o Range By Min/Max
Select to View

DAY : 13

Supports Assignment
 Introduction of structural supports
o Fixed Support
o Pinned Support
o Enforced
o Enforced But

 Assignment Methods
Member Offset

DAY : 14

 NodalLoad
 Nodal Moment
 MemberLoad
o Uniform Force andMoment
o Concentrated Force
o Linear VaryingLoad
o TrapezoidalLoad
o HydrostaticLoad
 AreaLoad

DAY : 15

Understanding & Calculating Building Loads
 Self-Weight of Members & Self
Weight factor
 Linear Load- Wall Loads
 Calculation of Floor Dead
 Distribution of Floor load One
way & Two way
Special Loads- Lift machine load, Sunken load

DAY : 16

 Introduction to Floor load &
Live load as per IS 875-I & II
 Creation of Primary Load Cases
o Primary Dead Load
o Primary Live Load
 Load Combinations
o Manual Combination
o Auto Load
Combination Method
 Analysis & Print Command
 Post Processing
o Result setup
o Node reaction &
o Beam Forces
o Beam Graphs

DAY : 17

Understanding Staad Editor
 Job Information
 Input width
 Join Coordinates

 Member incidences
 Finish
 Writing notes/ information in
Geometry Verification
 Tools Menu
o Orphan Nodes
o Duplicates Nodes/
o Overlapping Collinear
 Unit Convertor
 Calculator
Member Specifications
 Member Release
 Member Offset

DAY : 18

Introduction to RCC Design As per IS 456
 Defining Various RCC Design
 Beam Design
 Column Design
 RCC Detailing Methods

DAY : 19

Wind Load Design As per IS 875 III
 Introduction to wind design
 Design factors and Coefficient

DAY : 20

Calculation of Wind load as per IS 875 Part 3
 Create Wind definition
 Primary Load Case for Wind load
 Load combinations

DAY : 21

Seismic Analysis & Design as per IS-1893
 Introduction
 Terminologies
o Standards for
Earthquake Design
o General Principals for
Earthquake Design

DAY : 22

Seismic Analysis & Design as per IS-1893
 Static Analysis Method
 Seismic Definition ,Seismic
 Elementary Introduction –
A. IS Code 1893(2002/2005) B. IS Code 13920 

DAY : 23

STEEL Design inSTAAD Pro As Per IS-800
 Steel Design Mode
o Load Envelopes
o Member Setup
o Member Restraints
o Design Briefs
Design Groups

DAY : 24

 Interactive Steel Design
 Introduction Of Transmission Line
 Design of Transmission Line Towers

DAY : 25

FEM Modelling inSTAAD.Pro
 FEM Modelling introduction
o SnapPlate
o AddPlate
o Create InfillPlates
o Create surfaces
o Generate SurfaceMeshing
o Generate PlateMesh
 Adding PlateThickness
 PlateLoad
o Pressure on FullPlate
o ConcentratedLoad
o Partial Plate PressureLoad
o TrapezoidalLoad
o HydrostaticLoad

DAY : 26

Water Tank Design
 Creating a RCC underground
rectangular tank using plates
o Tank empty
o Tank Full
 Creating circular water tank

DAY : 27

Shear Wall Design
 Introduction to Shear wall
Shear wall Modeling and Design

DAY : 28

Moving (Rolling) Loads
 Vehicle definition
 Primary load case for moving load
 Analysis of a RCC deck slab for moving load
Viewing Influence line Diagram 

DAY : 29-30

Foundation Design
 Introduction to structural foundation
 Importing files from Staad Pro to Staad
I. Isolated Footing design
o Basic of Isolated Footing
o Creating a Isolated
Footing job
o Specification of design
o Design result
II. Combined Footing Design
o Basic of combined
o Creating a Combined
Footing job
o Specification of design
o Design result

DAY : 30-35


Career Opportunities

Proficiency in STAAD.Pro, a specialized structural analysis and design software, can lead to various career opportunities in the field of civil engineering and structural analysis. STAAD.Pro expertise is highly valued for its application in designing and analyzing complex structures

Structural Engineer

Structural engineers use STAAD.Pro to analyze and design various structures, such as buildings, bridges, and dams. They ensure that these structures are safe, stable, and meet design codes and standards.

Bridge Engineer

Bridge engineers specialize in the design and analysis of bridges and other transportation-related structures. They use STAAD.Pro to assess the structural integrity and functionality of bridges.

Construction Project Manager

Project managers in construction use STAAD.Pro to review structural design plans, assess construction progress, and ensure that projects are executed according to the structural design.

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